1:1 Liberate Program

Have you gone through great challenges in your life, but you feel like nobody quite understands what it means to be you and what you are still going through? 

Have you tried to stay positive and think only happy thoughts, but it never brings you any relief or lasting change?

Have you been feeling alone and unsupported on your journey?

Have you been trying to break through old beliefs and patterns?

Do you find it difficult to feel so much all the time?


In my 12-week Liberate program, I work with women who are ready for a great transformation and to truly stand in their own truth and power.

 As a woman who has experienced physical and emotional abuse early in my life,  I understand what it means to deal with painful memories and feelings, depression, PTSD and what it means to be an empathic child and adult who feels EVERYTHING. I also know what it takes to let go of painful feelings, take back my power and use my empathic abilities and sensitivity to my advantage.

Are you a woman who is ready to be transformed through the guidance of your soul and body, ready to create a loving relationship with yourself and finally understand and navigate your empathic abilities?

Then Liberate may be for you!

This program is for you if you want to…

  • receive personalized guidance
  •  learn how to establish a loving relationship with yourself
  •  learn how to talk to your inner child, and fulfill her needs with compassion and love
  • learn how to understand and work with your empathic abilities and sensitivity
  • how to  understand and work with your energy field
  • how to take care of your energy
  • know what is your life purpose and what you are uniquely good at
  • embrace all parts of yourself
  •  connect to your body’s wisdom and read its clues
  • understand the body and any stuck trauma within it
  • learn to recognize and understand your boundaries
  • learn how to give yourself support
  • be in your true power

You will be lovingly held and supported through our time together.

You will gain the tools, practices, and guidance that will help you to build a powerful foundation, that you can benefit from for rest of your life.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • you have recently experienced trauma
  • you are not ready to explore yourself on a deeper level
  • you are not ready to take responsibility for your own growth
  •  you do not know yet that you have a soul, spirit guides and an intuition

You receive:

  • 100% online program that you can participate in from the comfort of your home
  • Personalized 1:1 60-minutes recorded sessions via Zoom every other week
  • Video recording of your session sent to you by email
  • Unlimited email support during our 12 weeks together 
  • A lesson sent via email every other week
  • My wonderful «Inner Child Meditation»  mp3 audio file
  • «Inner child needs» PDF-file
  • 12-weeks of compassionate support

During our time together I will be your personal guide, supporter, and cheerleader.

It’s going to be 12 wonderful weeks together!

If this feels aligned and your heart jumps a little with excitement, this program may be for you! Contact me at lubomira@lysveien.no