Lubomira is Intuitive Guide and Mentor for women.

She is certified Quantum Life Coach and reflexologist.

She was born and raised in Slovakia (formerly known as Czechoslovakia) experiencing communism and the subsequent fall of communism as a young child. As a young adult, she moved to Germany and then eventually to Norway, which she now calls home. Her exposure to multiple backgrounds and cultures has enabled her to experience and understand different societal programming from a myriad of perspectives. This is an invaluable skill when it comes to the healing arts.

Since her early teens she has been collecting knowledge on how thoughts and emotions influence the body. She is a talented empath and intuitive. Due to her own life experience, she is a master at holding space for those who have experienced trauma or dealt with difficult challenges in their life, offering them compassion and understanding. Lubomira is very successful in navigating them on the journey back to their own light.

She opened her own practice in Norway, naming it «Lysveien», which means “Path of Light.” She speaks English, Slovak and Norwegian.